Dear Inbound, Thank you!

by rishil on January 17, 2013

UPDATE: Inbound has now reconsidered and I am happy to sign up! W00t!

Here I am :

So we all know that is the beast that Sphinn used to be back in the day. And its cool, I missed the sphinn community and article discussions in one place.

But I haven’t joined inbound yet. I dont hate them. But their registration policy keeps me from being a part of their community.

inbound and twitter

inbound and twitter

You can only register with them if you do it via twitter. However:

1. Why should I give you the authority to follow new people on my behalf?

I protect my follow non follow ration. And people I don’t follow directly, I keep monitored through clever use of Lists. I don’t want to wake up one morning and have strangers tweets in my stream. Do you REALLY need access to following people on my behalf?

2. Why should you update my profile?

I mean this one makes me go WTF? Why would I even think of giving a third party application, however well intentioned, access to updating my profile? What would you even ASK for that?

3. Post Tweets for me.

The only person who has the right to spam my twitter followers is me. I don’t want people being spammed from my account. And yes, I know spam is an extreme description, and I doubt you guys would do anything like that. But still….

So I guess my loss.

Till you dampen those Twitter Authorization policies, we will just have to stay friends. I just cant get into bed with you.

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