Google – A Bit of Nostalgia

by rishil on February 10, 2011

Matt Cutts recent wrote a “nostalgia” piece about google 2000 vs 2011. I must admit, I started using Google in 2002 properly, mostly to hunt down good scifi stories.

What was great about the Search Engine Back then? Plenty I guess, it wasnt perfect. But I dont think its SERPs were under that much external scrutiny either.

However, sometimes, it good to take a step back and learn the history of the tools of your profession – I wonder how many “new” SEOs sit back and take a moment to do that?  So this post isnt teaching you something about SEO – its just asking you to reflect on where our profession came from. For an industry that is in its infancy, history shouldnt be that hard to study, should it?

So I want to pull out a link that many of you may NOT know exists – the Google Friends Newsletter. I signed up years ago, and I must admit, scrolling through the archives is entertaining…

In 1999, Google was averaging 7 Million Searches Daily.

This is not a typo! Google ended 1999 averaging about 7 million searches each day, a roughly 70,000% increase over the 10,000 searches per day that were performed on the Google site in December 1998! This explosive growth reflects the total number of searches performed by users on and on our corporate partner sites. As of the middle of January, we are averaging more than 10 million searches each day! Thank you for spreading the word!

Larry Page Wrote the First Editions

Expect to see a lot of changes in Google in the next few months. We plan to have a much bigger index than our current 24 million pages soon. Thanks to all the people who have sent us logos, HTML and suggestions. Keep them coming!

Have fun and keep googling!


Probably the First Custom Logo?

Google Valentine Logo - Feb 2000

Google Valentine Logo - Feb 2000

See it here (was originally an animated version)

Google Bought Search Share

Now you can reap financial as well as karmic rewards for telling your friends about Google. By signing up for our affiliate program at <> you’ll be able to place a Google search box on your site and begin receiving 3 cents for each search you send our way. It’s our way of saying thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word about searching the Google way.

Finally a Screenshot – From Google Stanford 1999

Google Stanford Screenshot 1999 - click for full view

Google Stanford Screenshot 1999

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Liam - Zaddle Marketing February 10, 2011 at 10:42 am

I remember buying a PC magazine after buying my first PC from Tiny. It had 10 recommended search engines to try (Year 2000). I tried each one, but particularly liked the way Google showed the results, and have stuck with it every since.

What is really odd (in such a short space of time) is that I remember people asking me which search engine I used (as people were just getting into the t’tinernet on a large scale) and when I replied “google” they would repeat the word in an incredulous manner “Gooogol?” or “Goo..what” – hard to believe now but true.

Wonder if I can get any cash for recommending so many people to them at the time!?!


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