Semmy Awards 2010

by rishil on January 13, 2010

AKA Resolution AKA Only way I will keep this blog updated is with a goal AKA  I haven’t been nominated AKA Posts of 2010 You Shouldnt Miss

Look at all these Awards! Photo Credit:

Look at all these Awards! Photo Credit:

It is amazing that another year has gone by.  Infact we are already halfway through the first month of 2010. But the Search industry has grown so much in 2009, that I find it hard to keep up with what people are writing about. Twitter and occasional top reading lists do help, however there are always chances that you missed some.

And 2009 was a cracker year for some serious reading and discussion. The Twitter explosion certainly increased the number of conversations I am having with SEOs world wide.  The quality of material coming out has gone drastically up from the traditional “How to” and “Top X” posts to some real case studies, practical advice, actionable tips and life lessons.

So far I had resisted creating my own blog, feeling that I could use any SEO blog ( I have open invitations to most and have infact done a number of guest posts). But looking back at what has been written, what I have written, and the sheer quality of it has inspired me to create my own. I have a decent twitter following, but sometimes 140 characters just dont cut it. I also (sometimes!) have ideas and thoughts that deserve being written up, and shared. Another key facet to my twitter ethics is constantly finding funny stuff on the web and posting links to content I know my followers will enjoy.

However I do also love to write Advice Pieces which I dont think should sit on someone elses blog. Some of these have had very decent responses when I used to host them off the Telegraph platform, which isnt an ideal one though. Most of them have now been ported over to this site.

So what are my blogging aims for 2010? Well I think I want to create Semmy Worthy content. The Semmy’s are:

an annual awards event started in 2008 to honor the great content produced across the search and online marketing industry. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has grown to include a variety of disciplines, including blogging, social media, reputation management, and much more. The SEMMYS attempt to include all these elements into one awards event. I hope the SEMMYS serve as a complement to the excellent existing awards which honor blogs and bloggers.

These peer reviewed posts are infact an excellent series of posts that you shouldnt miss. I know several of the writers personally or often interact with them online. I havent been nominated this year, but I know if I work on creating great content, I may have a chance for the 2011 nominations. If not, the least I have done is actually worked hard. We all need a goal and without one I doubt I will keep this blog updated.

To Quote one of this years judges:

Writing is like're not going to get good at it without repetition.

Writing is like're not going to get good at it without repetition.

Well I dont feel sorry for myself, I created my own badge…

Semmy Award Badge for those who didnt work hard enough. :P

Semmy Award Badge for those who didnt work hard enough. :P

Get your own Badge:

<a href=”” mce_href=””><img style=”border: 0pt none ;” mce_style=”border: 0;” src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”2010 SEMMY Non Nominee”></a>

Badge Credit: Semmy SEM Marketing Awards NB: the use of this badge has been (sort of) approved by trademark holders as “fair use under satire”.

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Rishi Lakhani is an independent Online Marketing Consultant specialising in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. Explicitly.Me is his Blog. Google Profile

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Hobo January 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm

Ha ha I love your badge :)

Good luck with the blog in 2010!



steveplunkett January 13, 2010 at 8:37 pm

LOL.. i totally understand…

Peer Review = Scrutiny not… “how many of my co-workers can I get to vote”

It also means if you have to nominate your own companies post, you devalue the award and are playing number games to win the award.. which most likely you will post on your website as an accolade to deceive prospective customers….

so if u didn’t win a semmy.. it doesn’t matter how good your content is… you just didnt work hard enough…

think you can handle the scrutiny of your peers?
(created today for just this reason)


claire stokoe January 14, 2010 at 8:56 am

I actually really like the FAIL badge, is that wrong?


rishil January 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

Not at all. I LOVE it and wear it with honour! I was nearly sued for incorrect use


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