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by rishil on April 6, 2011

The Best Content Spinner

An Idiots Guide to Content Spinning!

eHow Not to Spin for SEO

eHow Not to Spin for SEO

Everyone has heard of Article Spinning. Many SEOs and Affiliates have tried it. But I dont think a large number of SEOs understand it. Let’s take the no.1  result on the search “Article Spinning

(shock horror, its wikipedia :P )

Article spinning is a search engine optimization technique by which blog or website owners post a unique version of relevant content on their sites. It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to provide a slightly different perspective on the topic.

Ok I guess I can live with that simple explanation. But the how what and why? Don’t think Wikipedia, nor any other page one results in the SERPs explains it in its entirety. So I have taken a stab at a first draft.

Why Spin Articles? Duplicate Content Penalty?

Duplicate Cheetahs via

Duplicate Cheetahs via

The most common misconception about duplicate content is the word “penalty” attached to it. There isn’t a “real” penalty for duplicate content, it’s simply an algo indicator of low quality content or repeated content that lowers the value of duplicate content in the SERPs.

Let’s put this to bed once and for all, folks: There’s no such thing as a “duplicate content penalty.” At least, not in the way most people mean when they say that. Google.

So it’s not really a penalty, but dice it which way you like, the effect is to kill your site in the SERPs… Yeah, there are intentional duplicate content pieces out there, such as Affiliate Content, or subdomains,  or site wide / category wide descriptions / paragraphs. But the fact is google’s algo removes duplicate , or lowers the ranking value of, and shows either the more original piece of content or the piece from the most trusted domain / page.

This is where spinning comes in. It allows you to vary your site content to be different, yet say the same thing J. However, this isn’t as great as you would think…

The Technical Definition

Content spinning is a bit more technical than most assume. In simple terms, yes, it’s the replacement of certain predefined sets of words within a piece of written copy to variations that could in silo replace those words, such as synonyms. In technical terms, there are various arts to Article Spinning, for example defining spin syntax.

Article Spinning Syntax

Article Spinning Syntax

Article Spinning Syntax

A Spin Syntax is basically a marker for where and how you want to replace  certain parts of your piece of content.

So let’s say I want to spin:

Rishi Lakhani today is really cool.

A simple syntax would be:

Rishi Lakhani today is really {cool | awesome| radical}.

As you can see, we will end up with three variations of the same sentence, meaning roughly the same.  This is called “Simple Flat Spinning”.

Extended Flat Spinning would actually pick up on more words:

Rishi Lakhani {today| now |presently} is really {cool | awesome| radical}.

Which now gives you a 3*3 = 9 variation spin. Flip one more word and the same sentence hits 27 variations.

Still with me? Head not hurting yet?  Ok let’s look at the Nested Spin:

Rishi Lakhani today is really {insanely {cool | awesome| radical} | mentally}?

Notice the bolded additions. See the potential results:

  • Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely cool.
  • Rishi Lakhani today is really mentally awesome.
  • Rishi Lakhani today is really mentally radical.
  • Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely awesome.

These aren’t all the variables – can you work them ALL out? Now imagine an Extended Spin used in addition to Nested Spin Syntax, and you get the real power of article spinning.

Article Spinning Demonstration

So I decided to show you how some simple Online Article spinners work. Using a free spinner, I spun my original text below:

Original Text:

This is an example of how article spinning works. Isn’t it interesting how we can use logic to translate words mechanically? After all automation saves a lot of time, however I cannot guarantee that this will help you become successful in optimizing your websites. A human writer makes more sense, but sometimes an artificial one does the job quite well too. The trick is to find the right artificial content spinner. Now let’s see how this works.

Spun text:

This is an illustration of exactly how article rewriting functions. Isn’t this fascinating how we are able to use common sense in order to turn phrases robotically? In the end hands free operation will save considerable time, nevertheless We cannot ensure that can help you be successful within refining Your own websites. A human article writer will work better, however occasionally a man-made One can the job quite well too. The secret is to discover the best synthetic content spinner. Now let’s observe how this functions.

Not too shabby? You get the gist of what I am trying to say, however the choice of words isn’t perfect.  See the potential variations of this one paragraph by observing how the syntax has been set up:

Advanced Content Spin Syntax:

{This is an|This is an|It is really an} {example of|illustration of|instance of} {how|exactly how|just how} {article spinning|article rewriting|article re-writing} {works.|works.|functions.} Isn’t {it|this|that} {interesting|fascinating|intriguing} {how we|the way you|the way we} {can use|may use|are able to use} {logic|reasoning|common sense} {to|in order to|to be able to} {translate|convert|turn} {words|phrases|terms} {mechanically?|mechanically?|robotically?} {After all|After all|In the end} {automation|automatic|hands free operation} {saves|will save|will save you} {a lot of time,|a lot of time,|considerable time,} {however|nevertheless|nonetheless} {I|I|We} {cannot|can’t|can not} {guarantee|assure|ensure} {that this|this|that} {will help you|can help you|will allow you to} {become successful|achieve success|be successful} {in|within|inside} {optimizing|perfecting|refining} {your|Your|Your own} {websites.|websites.|web sites.} {A human|A human|An individual} {writer|author|article writer} {makes more sense,|makes more sense,|will work better,} {but|however|yet} {sometimes|occasionally|at times} {an artificial|a man-made|a synthetic} {one|One|1} {does|will|can} {the job|the task|the work} {quite well|very well|quite nicely} {too.|too.|as well.} {The trick|The trick|The secret} {is to find|is to locate|is to discover} {the right|the best|the proper} {artificial|synthetic|man-made} {content spinner.|content spinner.|article spinner.} {Now|Now|Right now} {let’s|let’s|permit’s} {see how|observe how|observe} {this|this particular|this kind of} {works.|works.|functions.}

Isn’t that just so cool? SEO Automation can be fun :P

Translation Spinning

Google Translate Spinning

Google Translate Spinning

Now traditional content spinning isn’t the only way spammers and blackhats have generated reams of “original” and “unique” content. Google kind of gave them a helping hand. Not convinced?   Let’s take this way back, when the google Blog pointed out:

Though we do offer a handy translation utility, our algorithms won’t view the same article written in English and Spanish as duplicate content. Similarly, you shouldn’t worry about occasional snippets (quotes and otherwise) being flagged as duplicate content.

AHA! So let’s take my original content and give it a bit of a play with google translate :P

English to German back to English and into Swahili and back into English:

This is an example of how article spinning. Is not it interesting how to use logic to translate the words mechanically? After all, automation saves time, but I can confirm that this will help you be successful with optimizing your website. A human author makes more sense, but sometimes artificial and does work quite well. The trick is to find counterfeit goods Spinner. Now let’s see how this works.

Bit of garbage, but still, it’s unique :P

Human Article Spinning

Human Spinning usually makes more sense, and is more reader friendly. I took my original paragraph and gave the following instructions:  I would like you to rewrite the below paragraph to mean exactly what it says, but trying to replace as many words as possible. The result?

Using the thought process of a written piece to rewrite content into a new form is an example of article spinning. Creating unique versions of an already written piece is easily manipulated with software that can generate dozens and even hundreds of variations. For search engine optimization, this sometimes works to get more visitors to your website. Of course, it can also be done without the use of software, but it’s more time consuming, and there is no magic formula that will ensure that your website will thrive as a result of spinning, with or without the use of technology.

Total cost: $1.50

oDesk Spinning Advert

oDesk Spinning Advert

It’s interesting, the writer slightly modified the meaning of the content, and it still sounds to wordy, however I didn’t leave much room for creative adjustment, so it’s not a horrendous piece, but neither is it a work of shakespear :P

Article Spinning Blackhat

So what do Blackhats and spammers use article spinning for? Just a few examples, but there are plenty more.

Made For Adsense Sites

I recently shared how facebook is creating thousands of autogenerated pages using grayhat techniques, by simply using Wikipedia content in most cases.  Not only are these pages duplicate content, but they rank well. This is partly because of Facebooks trust factor. However the average webmaster doesn’t  have this authoritative trust to be able to rank content stolen straight from Wikipedia. However, a lot of long tail traffic is available by these pages ( even if Facebook got 1 visitor a month from its estimated 17 million page 1 rankings, then it gets 17 million visitors to its sites through dodgy SEO).

Now imagine recreating every single one of those ranking pages, spinning the content to make it “original” and then using Googles  recommendations, slap ads around it

Duplication Detection Prevention

This one is pretty obvious… rip off someone’s content completely and pass it off as your own! Better still publish 100’s of variations on different sites and profit…

Link Spamming Variations

Ever noticed your comment spam sometimes sounds like nonsense? That’s because comment spammers who are autogenerating comment links in volumes are using article spinners to vary their comment text too.

Another Link Spamming method is to create Parasite Blogs and auto fill the content of these for backlinks.

Grayhat Article Spinning

Meta Desc Spinning

When you are faced with hundreds upon hundreds of similar product feeds, crafting custom meta descriptions can be a pain. Also, a simple find and replace doesn’t necessarily make your description unique. However if you work out decent logic to spin these, you should be able to autogenerate 100’s of variations that still make sense, and remain unique.

On page content spinning for Ecommerce

The same technique can be used for commonly distributed on page text. Often large ecommerce sites will have portions of text that is the same throughout the site, reducing the “uniqueness” of the page. Spinning this content distributes the risk. For example, WP Robot has a built in spinner to vary the text it steals from its various feeds such as amazon.

Article submission

Ok, so you want to submit to 100’s of low quality directories to get links back to your site. You write one article and submit to 100 sites. What’s the result? Google counts one, and deems all the others as duplicate, thus reducing the value of these. Now imagine you spun the article to generate 100’s of variations? What happens? You have 100’s of unique articles, on 100s of sites, almost all of which Google will see as different (theoretically).

Which is better? 1 article, or 100’s of variations?

Link anchor variation

When submitting articles for link generation (don’t laugh, people still do it, and it still works to some extent!) You can use Anchor Text Spinning to vary your anchors. Why do this? Well google does recognize and substitute synonyms and related words. See my post on the Tilde Search Operator for more information.

Content Spinning Wordpress Plugin (Free)

There are many Wordpress Content Spinners out there, however you may want to try the Free Article Spinner Plugin for Wordpress by Zack Katz.

Free Online Article Spinners

For my example above, I used to generate the spun content. If you know how to split and add syntax, then you can also use . these are both OK for simple jobs, however you won’t create the volume of content that you would with a commercial spinner.

The Best Content Spinner

The Best Article and Content Spinner

The Best Article nd Content Spinner

After speaking to a bunch of people, the general consensus has been that from a commercial point of view, the Best Content Spinner is indeed the best content spinner that money can buy.


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Rishi Lakhani is an independent Online Marketing Consultant specialising in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. Explicitly.Me is his Blog. Google Profile

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Gareth April 6, 2011 at 8:48 am

Writing good spintax is a real art form, I don’t have the patience. Its a classic task to outsource, but most will not make 100% sense when spun unless you find someone good.

I use The Best Content Spinner which also has an added little extra. It allows you to put your spun articles (with good spintax) into their gallery for other users to spin and use…but they must keep your links in the article. Free link building, free content!


Paul madden April 6, 2011 at 8:54 am

Good article matey. I’ll spin and submit it ;)

Meta desc spinning and social media spinning are both valid IMO

I’d also suggest that if you had say… 1000 sites in a network and needed privacy or contact pages for them all then spinning those pages with a follow / noindex you’re golden…


Jim Banks April 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm

{Great|Fantastic|Awesome} post there {mate|buddy|bud|my friend}.

This is a concept also known as madlibs, used a lot for things like dating profiles etc.

{Susan|Candy|Agatha} is a {blond|brunette|ginger} who {lives|resides|hangs out|comes from} {Alabama|Washington|Cardiff}. Here is a picture of her (you can even spin the images).

I have been using a program called Automatic Article Submitter which is another method of creating unique articles and also unique signature files for posting into article directories with links back to your money sites.

But I watched the video for the best spinner the other day and with over a million synonyms I think I am buying that pretty soon.

I’ve also seen a lot of people using “spun” blog comments as a way of getting links into blogs. I mean fancy that!


Klaus April 8, 2011 at 10:06 am

Most people say, the best spinner is the non + ultra when it comes to spinners, but at least for germany it’s imho not true. I recently purchased MySEOSolution’s Article Wizard (see – yep, no reflink) and it works like a charm AND its a one time payment. There are some nice features like the linkinjection that I have never seen at any other spinner. Further, one can control the uniqueness of the generated articles.

So, if there is any chance, that you are not from an english speaking country – make sure to check it out, demoversion is for free ;)


Fishkin April 9, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Yep, “no reflink” because it is your product! ;-) Seriously, i would like to hear some other decent opinions about this “Article Wizard”. The testversion doesn´t imho proove anything, since there are almost no synonyms to use for in the database.


Paul April 18, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Pretty kick ass blog you have here, wasted a good bit of time reading around on it this morning.

Couple things:

1. You didn’t touch on nested spins inside sentence spin level and paragraph spin level spintax. Take a few hours to do it right and you can generate 100k pieces of “unique” readable content.

2. This string is fubar’d: Rishi Lakhani today is really {insanely {cool | awesome| radical} mentally}?

Some sample outputs:

Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely awesome mentally?
Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely radical mentally?
Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely cool mentally?
etc, etc, etc

Missing a | at the very least. Good post tho, feel compelled to add “quit outing bro”.


rishil April 18, 2011 at 7:19 pm

cheers – I meant to fix that syntax… forgot.

Re nested spins inside sentence spin level and paragrapgh spins… am saving those for Advanced Content Spinning :P

Re outing: I wishh it were. All this info is available on the net, freely. Am just collating it ;)


Andrew Scherer June 28, 2011 at 7:45 am

Yes that nested spin example will not output correctly.

There is also an error in your large Syntax graphic. The spare | at the end would cause a blank space to be drawn up.

When it comes to programs I am really liking The Best Spinners automated spin feature. You can set it so to quality spins only, even though the spinning is not too heavy it still produces a readable article. If you need it spun heavier you can finish it off by hand – pretty much kills off an extra 15 mins off the job.


Neetesh Kumar July 26, 2011 at 7:32 am

Yes i also need for this nested spining code


James October 21, 2011 at 4:13 pm

If only I could try all the spinners available in the market today without having to pay anything! It’s difficult to choose which one is the best article spinner. I guess its “ease of use” will eventually determine if it’s best or not. Oh well, I’m using and I find it so easy to use, however, I’m open to any recommendation from you guys and I would love to hear from anyone if there are spinners out in the market better than SpinChimp. Thank you.


Rich October 21, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Came across your site via G and after reading the second article I am a fan. You have great, well researched and relevant articles. I will recommend your site. Keep up the great work.


Arpith February 16, 2012 at 6:53 pm

As far as I know Google hates content spinning and copying other articles by spinning and posting it on their blog. Can these posts which are spinned can pass through Copyscape?


StalkerB May 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Your nested spinning example output is wrong.

You’d actually only get
Rishi Lakhani today is really mentally
Rishi Lakhani today is really insanely {cool | awesome| radical}.

A better example would be
Barry Smith is a really {{cool|awesome|radical} {dude|guy|man}|{distinguished|refined|quite proper} {gentleman|chap|fellow}}



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