We are NOT Friends.

June 13, 2012

I am genuinely tired of getting linked in requests from people I don’t know or have never spoken to.

Lets get one thing right:
OK so linked in doesn’t make it easy for you to connect to people and “friends” is the easiest option to connecting to someone. But using just the generic message to reach out? [...]

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Google Search Plus Your World. S.P.Y

January 19, 2012

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Is the name google Search Plus Your World just a coincidence? Or a Freudian slip?
GSPYW could ALSO be Google SPY Ware.

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Learning from the Chrome Penalty

January 4, 2012

I always insist, when a public story breaks in the SEO field of big proportions, you should take every opportunity to learn from it. The Chrome paid posts debacle is actually a pretty good example, as unlike in previous situations, Matt Cutts has publicly announce EXACTLY what the penalties were.  Which is all kinds of [...]

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How to Get a Celebrity to Endorse ALL your Products on Google

December 28, 2011

You see, I love finding interesting gaps in Google, both Organic and Paid Search results. I haven’t often spoken about Paid search manipulation, although it does exist, from arbitrage to brand manipulation. However I always love it when I spot something new, that could have been an innocent mistake, but could be used to pervert [...]

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Dynamic Meta Descriptions for SEO

October 21, 2011

I often say that you need to try new things, test new theories, play with the SERPs as often as you can. After all, if you blindly follow what others, and don’t try your own experiments, you won’t be a competitive SEO.  At the same time, read others experiments, learn from them, but try and [...]

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Nine Ways to be a Competitive SEO

September 21, 2011

This post has been inspired and adapted from one of my favourite non-SEO bloggers, James Altucher. He recently wrote: 9 Ways to break all the rules.
As an SEO, regardless to the fact we proscribe or prescribe the definition, our jobs are to get our content high up enough in SERPs to attract searchers into our [...]

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A Guide to Long Tail Link Building

September 16, 2011

When it comes to a link building exercise for clients, I tend to prefer a long tail strategy rather than a top level generic strategy. Long tail Link building? What the heck is that? Why don’t we just chuck all our links with the exact anchors that we want for our money words?
To start with, [...]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

July 15, 2011

I was researching the niche on one of my new domain purchases, 24hrloans.co.uk, and guess what I found? The internet never ceases to amaze me.
Dont tell me how dodgy it is, tell me how they did it. I have covered it before, so you should know.  See the site for different serps, see the site [...]

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9 Ways in Which PR Teams Fail SEO

July 13, 2011

When PR Doesnt work with SEO and loses link opportunities.
I know How powerful SEO and PR can be. You do too, I am sure. PR is the one way to get legitimate “white hat” links of real authority. However, we are far from working well together with PR. Below I have highlighted 9 mistakes [...]

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Effects of Panda on Thin Affiliate Sites

July 11, 2011

This is not going to be a long post, nor is it going to teach much. I am putting it out as a way of an early warning system for thin affiliate sites that survived the panda effect.
Basics  Of Thin Affiliates
I run a few data collecting (and money making) thin affiliate sites. I dont hide [...]

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